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Reseller Program

Resale Our Products on Your own Brand Name

Business Proposal For

>>Innovative and Enthusiastic IT Entrepreneurs

Active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs can fully exploit the potentialities of a company available resources.
>>Software companies
Softwares Companies were increase growth in business using these softwares. Adwing Provide software for every trade.
>>Website designers and developers
Web Developers & Designers are generate packages of 'website + Accounting Software' increase own turnover figures.

>>IT Startups
Great opportunity for those startups who were survived because of their financial terms & they generate side income by selling these softwares.

Resale Our Products on Your own Brand Name

Our Product Your Brand

  • No need to hire high package software engineers and spend crores of rupees and years of your life developing ERP Softwares.
  • World class ERP Software privately white Labeled on your company name.
  • Your website, Email-ID, company logo, product name / logo, everything will be re branded as per your company.
  • Maintain business confidentiality among your staff, executives & customers.

Adwing Software Reselling

How it works

We provide specialized ERP Software for every segment of market

Step 1 - Get our software setups rebranded on your own company name

Our team will help you transform branding part of these software's as per your own company name. Means software products can be rebranded as developed and marketed by your company .

It hardly takes 20-30 minutes to re-brand a software. Once you have completed re-branding of these software, you need to upload demo versions of these products on your website

Step 2 - Upload Soft wares to your Website

Display these products on your Website to help your customers download demo versions of these software and evaluate them be making a final purchase.that looks nice. Now when you have softwares on your website, its time to grow your customer base.


Step 3 - Implement software in global arena; work on leads given by company

1. Business ERP Softwares are in huge demand not only in your local market but in every city, every state and every business.

2. Along with software products, our company will transfer you prospective leads of interested buyers for these products.

**Our dedicated telecallers team will generate software leads for you on your Own Brand name and transfer the interested 

buyers to your company for software installation and training.

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Success of Every Business is Depend on Ideas ,People and Team of the company.we Believes in Team Work and Gives equal Opportunity to all who Work With Us.

Because We Strongly Believe in Team Work . Join us as a Team and Grow Mutually

Be Happy !!

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