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Supplier’s Rate and Weight adjustment managed effortlessly and simply

The commission agents have to make adjustments in rate and weight of goods. Sometimes you have to quote higher price to supplier and sometimes you have to quote lower price. Suppose goods are sold for Rs. 1000/-, you may report it 1100/- or report it 900/- to your supplier depending upon your business policy. The same kind of adjustments can be made in weight. Customer’s reports will be maintained as per actual Sale Price and supplier’s reports are maintained as per our desired price. That affect your profit and loss accounts

Maintain Crates while entering sales,

Maintain Stock Lot No. Wise / Store Wise,

Calculate Commission/ Market Fees, Lagan automatically

The stock balance of supplier is maintained lot wise. Sometimes the whole stock is not sold in the same day, then they transfer this stock in a nearby sabzi mandi for sale and receive sale proceeding reports after sales

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